The amazing music of Hendrix will be performed by a stellar cast in the BandHouse collaborative tradition.

We will provide updates as our performing cast grows.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for the best reserved seats at:

With your generous support, our CD funding campaign has surpassed its goal!

The BandHouse Gigs


is now available.

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check out our latest Happy Medium vid

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Video wizard John Collins has cranked out some great performance vids from our BHG Stevie Wonder Tribute CD mixes!

You’ll find them as well as all of our official BHG Tribute performance videos on their YouTube channel, called  happymedium27.

You can subscribe to happymedium27  on YouTube to get links to each freshly edited BHG video when it is released.

Check it out:

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We celebrated ten years of wonderful gatherings by local talent bringing you tributes to some of the most influential artists of our time on Saturday August 16th. Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, The Pretenders, Allen Toussaint, Crowded House, and George Harrison to name a few. This night was filled with nostalgia and  camaraderie between the musicians that was just a joy to watch and hear!

Thank you to all who performed and to all who volunteered on our BHG team, and to those of you who love our incredibly diverse DC music scene and support those who weave the magic on stage.  We felt your love in that symphony hall on Saturday night!

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